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Italy hosts aquaculture conference for Black Sea and Mediterranean countries

EM3 19 News Int ATTAquaculture in Europe and in countries bordering the Mediterranean and Black Seas is an important activity that has grown substantially during the past decades though mostly in Mediterranean and Black Sea riparian countries. Fish farming helps to meet the rising demand for fisheries products and contributes to food security, employment and economic development. In terms of blue growth, aquaculture constitutes a strategic sector for future sustainable development. This growth was possible thanks to a series of factors, such as improvements in fish feed performance, better control of pathogens, and the evolution of cage and land-based technologies. Political will, regional and international cooperation, and significant investments, both public and private, have also strongly contributed to the sector’s development. In addition, new market opportunities positively influenced this expansion as well.

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Eurofish Business Platform facilitates the presence of Turkish delegation at Seafood Expo Russia

Expanding international markets for Turkish farmed fish

As one of the services to its member countries, Eurofish International Organisation facilitates the participation of delegations at trade fairs around Europe, hosting them at EUROFISH Business Platform. The Global Seafood Forum and Seafood Expo held in St. Petersburg, Russia on 10-12 July 2019 and organized by Expo Solutions Group together with Roscongress is a good opportunity to bring a delegation of officials and traders from Turkey to Russia to give the participants an possibility both to explore the Russian seafood market and to introduce their products and services.

Meet the delegation from Turkey at EUROFISH Business Platform, Seafood Expo Russia, Stand C-15

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EUROFISH, API co-organise freshwater aquaculture workshop at AQUAFARM

Workshop Aquafarm2019The 3rd edition of the international conference and exhibition AQUAFARM was held on 13-14 February 2019 in Pordenone near Venice, Italy. The conference and trade show were dedicated to aquaculture, algaculture, shellfish farming and the fish industry within Europe, with the focus on the Italian aquaculture sector. Novel farm, an international conference and trade show for innovative growing systems, soilless and vertical farming, also took place in parallel.

This meeting of the Italian aquaculture sector also hosted a workshop “Central and Eastern Europe: A hub for freshwater aquaculture”, which was co-organised by the International Organisation for the Development of Fisheries and Aquaculture in Europe (EUROFISH) and the Italian Aquaculture Association (API).

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Hungary feted as newest EUROFISH member at Governing Council

GC group2019The EUROFISH Governing Council is an annual event attended by representatives from the organisation’s member countries and their embassies, from observer countries and their embassies, as well as from observer organisations. This year not only saw several senior officials attending the event but was also the first Governing Council to be attended by Hungary as a full member of EUROFISH. Hungary formally joined EUROFISH as of November 2018.

The attendees gather to review the organisation’s performance in the year that has passed and approve the programme of activities for the coming year. Member countries’ representatives make concrete proposals for activities that are of interest to the individual country, or perhaps, to several. This year, for example, the organisation will be co-organising a conference in Italy on aquaculture, that was originally initiated by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Forestry and Tourism Policies and the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) but will be of interest to several EUROFISH member countries.

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