2016 Int Bucharest ConfThe high-level conference Towards Enhanced Cooperation on Black Sea Fisheries and Aquaculture consisted of an expert session with several panels, one of which was on aquaculture. It included experts from many of the countries in the region as well as the GFCM, European Commission and Eurofish, and the discussions established that sustainable development and growth depends on identifying suitable areas for farming fish and seafood, more research and better dissemination of knowledge on markets and trends, less red tape, and greater use of technology.

The event also considered the main challenges and future strategies for the Black Sea fisheries and aquaculture by high-level representatives from the riparian countries, international, and regional organisations. All the riparian countries, as well as other important actors in the region, recognised that regional cooperation and synergies were essential for solving the many challenges in the sector including developing sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, combating illegal practices, and mitigating threats to the marine environment.

2016 Int Bucharest Conf2Achim Irimescu, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Romania, said that "it was vital to strike a balance between immediate economic interests and the protection of marine fisheries resources in the Black Sea," while Nicolae Dimulescu, President of the National Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture of Romania commented that the road was being paved towards "a clean sea for happy fishers."