2017 St PetersburgExpanding international markets for Turkish farmed fish

As one of the services to its member countries, Eurofish International Organisation occasionally facilitates the participation of delegations at trade fairs around Europe. The Global Seafood Forum and Seafood Expo held in St. Petersburg, Russia on 14-16 September 2017 and organized by Expo Solutions Group together with Roscongress was a good opportunity to bring a delegation of officials and traders from Turkey to Russia. It gave the participants an opportunity both to explore the Russian seafood market and to introduce their products and services.

Though the aquaculture sector in Turkey has a relatively short history compared with other major producers – starting in the late 1960s with the production of rainbow trout and common carp – the sector has been steadily expanding both in terms of volumes and species diversity, making Turkey the biggest producer of seabass, seabream and trout in Europe. The number of fish farms as of today is 2,326, of which 1,901 are fresh water, and 425 are marine farms. The total farmed fish volumes in 2016 reached 235,000 tonnes representing 43% share of the country’s total fish production (farmed and wild harvested) volumes.

Read the full article in Eurofish Magazine issue 5 2017.