croatia_mapCapital: Zagreb
Population: 4.5 million (2013 est.)
GDP: €56.6 billion (2013 est.)
GDP/capita: €12.900 (2013 est.)

Fish production:
Capture: 63,599 tonnes live weight (2012, Eurostat)
   Aquaculture: 13,921 tonnes live weight (2012, Eurostat)
   Exports: Value: €129,846 (2011, FAO)
   Imports: Value: €90,681 (2011, FAO)

Croatian industry looks forward to EU accession - Major investments suggest confidence and optimism (December 2012)

The Croatian fisheries and aquaculture sector has seen some significant investments in the last few years. Helped partly by the European IPA (Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance) programme new processing factories and cold stores for the fishing sector have been or are being built, the freshwater farming sector has seen a case of massive renovation, and even seabass and seabream farming has benefited. If tuna quotas now increase as well, it will mean good news all around.

Croatian commercial fisheries are primarily small pelagic species, sardines and anchovies, which amount to over 80% of the total catch volumes. Of the total catch 96% is fish while 4% is evenly split between cephalopods and shellfish. According to the fishing vessel register, the fleet consists of 4,111 vessels of which 84% or 3,455 vessels are less than 12 m in length. They represent 10,000 GT and 165,000 kW. The remaining 656 vessels (>12 m) account for 35,000 GT and 165,000 kW. To read more on the Croatian fish industry in the Eurofish Magazine click here.

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