Italy_mapCapital: Rome
Population: 61.5 million (2013 est.)
GDP: € 1.31 trillion (2013 est.)
GDP/capita: € 21,430 (2013 est.)

Fish production:
Capture: 195,839 tonnes live weight (2012, Eurostat)
   Aquaculture: -
   Exports: Value: €562,599 (2011, FAO)
   Imports: Value: €4,511,151 (2011, FAO)

The economy of the Italian fisheries sector shows few encouraging signs (February 2013)

Capture fish and seafood volumes in the Italian fisheries sector have been declining steadily over the last few years with only the occasional year defying the trend. The last time capture volumes increased over the year before was in 2009 which showed a year on year increase in volumes of 7%. Since then, the downward trend has continued with a 7% fall in 2010 and a further 6% drop in 2011 to 212,000 tonnes. Read the article on the Italian Fisheries sector in the Eurofish Magazine 1 2013.

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