Latvia_mapCapital: Riga
Population: 2.18 million (2013 est.)
GDP: € 28.14 billion (2013 est.)
GDP/capita: € 13,828 (2013 est.)

Fish production:
Capture: 89,501 tonnes live weight (2012, Eurostat)
   Aquaculture: 574 tonnes live weight (2012, Eurostat)
   Exports: Value: €148,815 (2011, FAO)
   Imports: Value: €120,621 (2011, FAO)

The fisheries sector in Latvia - Repeated Baltic Sea quota reductions have hobbled the processing sector (April 2012)

The fisheries sector in Latvia is a traditional occupation based on old customs and long term experience. However, after joining the EU, this sector has had serious challenges and problems to solve. The legislative changes for conducting fishing activities, as well as the fish stock situation followed by rapid reductions in quotas of valuable fish species in the Baltic Sea have seriously affected the sector. The last few years have been a challenge for the Latvian fisheries industry due to the impact of the global economic crisis, as well as its influence on the nation’s main markets. Read more on the fisheries sector in Latvia.

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Fish Facts

Below is a brochure of fisheries statistics from the "Latvian Fisheries Yearbook 2012." Click on the image to enlarge.


Latvian Fisheries Yearbook 2012
Artist-designer:  Deniss Trubkins. Photographs: Romans Kozlovskis. Financed by: Latvian Fisheries Fund
Provided by: Fishery Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Latvia.

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he symptoms of imminent crisis appearing during the spring of 1998 it was considered by the industry as ‘unavoidable’ and therefore little attention was given to a gradual change in the marketing strategy for the Latvian.
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