Regional workshop in Bodrum

Regional-workshop-Bodrum-028Summarizing experiences gained during the implementation of the project in the past two years and the previous six national workshops in Croatia, Turkey, Albania and Montenegro under the Technical Cooperation Programme, the Regional workshop was organized by the FAO, EUROFISH and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Turkey in Mugla region (Bodrum) on October 31 – November 2, 2012.

Dr. Nazif Ekici, the Director of Mugla province department of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Turkey, welcomed participants from Albania, Croatia, Montenegro and Turkey and emphasized the important role of Mugla region in the fast growing Turkish aquaculture. It is responsible for 70 000 tonnes or 37% of the total national aquaculture production and 22 000 tonnes or 32% of the exports of the Turkish fishery products. The Turkish industry expressed importance of the emergent demand for processed fish and seafood products, both at the national and international markets. At the same time, consumers tend to pay a thorough attention to all the steps in fish production – from harvesting method and type of processing to labeling, transport and sales. In this context, the issues of international trade including food quality and safety, labeling, traceability and market aspects are of great importance to the aquaculture industries in the respective countries. “Otherwise, the market access is likely to face serious difficulties”, mentioned Dr. Nazif Ekici.

Dr. Karunasager Iddya, the FAO Senior Fishery Officer and Project Coordinator, underlined the imporance for the local aquaculture industries of various preconditions, like government requirements and market requirements, that processors have to take into account.

Aina Afanasjeva, Director of EUROFISH, emphasised the indispesable role of knowledgeble and dedicted professionals. ”In the Mediterranean countries, there are many dinamic enterpreneurs who are ready to grab the chance and drive the aquaculture sector forward”, she said.

Answering to the topics of interest of the participating countries, the Regional workshop focused on good aquaculture practices for improvement of product quality and safety, contribution of fish to nutrition security in the region, product innovation and marketing of aquaculture products, various aspects of farmed fish labelling, distribution chains of farmed fish marketing and other subjects. The core part of the workshop included presentations by the Project Coordinators from Turkey, Albania, Croatia and Montenegro on providing an overview of the national fisheries and aquaculture sectors and exchanging the experiences gained. A lot of attention was drawn to the case studies from the industries in Turkey on aquaculture certification practiced in “KIlIç Holding” and innovative seabass and seabream products from “Cromaris” company in Croatia as well as bivalve purification practice in Albania. The speakers were from the FAO, Eurofish and international consultants as well as project coordinators and industry representatives from the respective countries.  

In total, the three-day workshop was attended by 35 participants. On the last day, the participants had interesting field visits to the off-shore seabass and seabream farm of “K?l?ç Holding” and processing facilities of “Mare Nostro” and “Nordzee”.  

The series of workshops were a good networking platform and good occasion to build the cooperation on national and regional level.

To download the collection of presentations click here (18 MB).