Estonia becomes the 12th member of EUROFISH
Tuesday, 23 January 2007 10:54
Estonia became the 12th member of EUROFISH International Organisation when it deposited the Instrument of Ratification at FAO Headquarters in Rome on 21 December 2006. The country was one of the first to support the creation of EUROFISH, when it signed the Agreement for the Establishment of the International Organisation for the Development of Fisheries in Eastern and Central Europe in May 2000.

As partners from an early stage Estonia and EUROFISH have collaborated on a number of activities. Before Estoniaís accession to the EU, EUROFISH contributed to promoting the Estonian fish processing industry through publications and at international seafood fairs. In 2003 the 4th East-West Conference on Fisheries was hosted in Tallinn, and Estonia has contributed to training activities and publications on seafood safety and traceability developed with EUROFISH for the Baltic area.

Estonia joins the other two Baltic States Latvia and Lithuania, adding weight to the presence of the Baltic region in EUROFISH. We warmly welcome Estonia as a member of our organisation, says Aidas Adomaitis, Lithuania, Chairperson of the Governing Council of EUROFISH. With all the three Baltic States as members we can create even stronger synergies for post harvest fisheries cooperation in the Baltic region and in Central and Eastern Europe within the framework of EUROFISH.

A special coverage of the Estonian fisheries sector in the January 2007 issue of the Eurofish Magazine will mark the participation of Estonia in EUROFISH.

Eurofish now has 12 member countries. These are Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Romania, Spain, and Turkey.