GRP Vol. 97 Private standards in fisheries and aquaculture (pdf)

April 2009 (Revised)

Author: Sally Washington
Published by: FAO/GLOBEFISH, Rome, Italy
Published in: April 2009 (Revised)
No. of pages: 64

Globalization of fish supply chains means that a significant amount of fish and seafood is now caught in one part of the world, transported to another for processing and finally consumed in yet another country. Food safety systems that function across national borders are therefore vital. This paper sketches current practice in the application of private standards for food safety and quality in fisheries and aquaculture. It examines the relationship between private standards and public frameworks for food safety, and their impacts on international trade and concludes that as private standards become increasingly important in global food safety governance and in international trade in fish and seafood products, international action will be required to ensure further harmonization and mutual recognition between various public regulatory frameworks and between public and private standards.

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