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FREE GRP Vol. 88 Fishery Industry Profile - Rep. of Korea (pdf)

December 2006

Author: Professor Seong-Kwae Park & Chairman Jai-Dong Roh
Published by: FAO/GLOBEFISH, Rome, Italy
Published in: December 2006
No. of pages: 72

The objective of this report is to give a comprehensive overview of the Korean post harvest fishery sector and to highlight the latest trends in production, processing, trade and distribution. The report gives an overview of the seafood processing industry describing production items, current tendencies in the product range and main policies. An analysis of seafood demand and consumer preference is included.

Korean consumers tend to show a preference for higher-valued fish such as king crab, salmon and shrimp of which most are imported from other coastal states. China is the largest seafood exporter to ROK, while Japan is the largest importer of Korean seafood. During nearly half a century the fisheries sector of ROK has realized trade surplus, but from 2001 the trade balance was reversed, resulting in a huge trade deficit of US$1.2 billion. The rules and regulations of seafood trade, for instance, tariff structure, safety and inspection, are outlined in this report.

The domestic distribution systems are explained with an overview of distribution channels and major entities such as fisheries cooperatives, collectors, wholesale markets, middle wholesalers and middlemen.

The last part of this report provides statistics and information on processed seafood by category, consumer purchase patterns and preferences, as well as seafood distribution. The annex includes detailed information on importers, exporters, government institutions, cooperations and associations.

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