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FREE GRP Vol. 86 Marketing of Aquacultured Finfish in Europe

September 2006

Author: Marie Christine Monfort
Published by: FAO/GLOBEFISH, Rome, Italy
Published in: September 2006
No. of pages: 53

Species such as seabass, seabream and tilapia have over the last two decades
been attracting investors’ attention and thereby augmented the supply of
finfish to European markets. Getting access to those markets at the ‘right’
price with the right product is a key factor in the success of any commercial
aquaculture project.

This Globefish publication describes the current status of these new
species on the European market and the major features of marketing
aquaculture finfish reared in the Mediterranean basin.
Part 1 of the book gives an overview of the market in Europe, including
developments in finfish production and the marketing performance. Part 2
reviews major market traits of seabass, seabream, tilapia and other finfish. It
discusses suppliers to Europe, prices, marketing strategies and product types.
Part 3 presents important European market characteristics such as product
quality, consistency of supplies and competitive prices. Part 4 gives key
figures regarding aquaculture production by country. Part 5 presents some of
the new aquaculture technologies that are suited to countries in the
Mediterranean basin and offer investors new tracks for development.

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