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FREE GRP Vol. 85 Supermarkets and the Artisanal Fisheries Sector

April 2006

Author: John Wilkinson, Rudi Rocha, Patricia Fuertes
Published by: FAO/GLOBEFISH, Rome, Italy
Published in: April 2006
No. of pages: 86

The growth of the retail sector and its increasing dominance in food distribution to the consumer has led to a long-term shift in the distribution of economic power and the restructuring of supply systems. The purpose of this study was to try to analyze the impact of the super market development in two Latin American countries, Brazil and Peru, on the marketing channel of fish and seafood with particular reference to the artisanal fisheries sector. In this connection the study also describes the artisanal fisheries sector in both countries in some detail.

Results from the study are based on a survey covering the expectations and requirements of supermarkets and linking these requirements to the reality in the artisanal fisheries sector. Under the impact of the supermarketís alternative distribution network, traditional distribution wholesale and retail systems are adopting a competitive adaptation strategy based on the imposition of similar quality and logistical requirements. From the standpoint of small-scale producers, the principal conclusion points to strong selection processes which will spare only the most efficient and those able to confront the new barriers which include investment costs, management skills and new organizational forms involving higher levels of association and cooperation.

In the annexes details of the interviews are presented for both countries.

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