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FREE GRP Vol. 89 World Surimi Market (pdf)

April 2007

Author: Benoit Vidal-Giraud & Denis Chateau
Published by: FAO/GLOBEFISH, Rome, Italy
Published in: April 2007
No. of pages: ?

Surimi industrial technology developed by Japan in the early 1960s promoted the growth of the surimi industry. The successful growth of the industry was based on the Alaska pollock and walleye pollock. Subsequently, production of Alaska pollock surimi declined and was supplemented by surimi production using species other than Alaska pollock.

Currently, 2-3 million metric tonnes of fish from around the world, amounting to 2-3 percent of the world fisheries supply, are used for the production of surimi and surimi-based products.

Given the diversity of available information, significant uncertainty remains about global output of surimi and surimi-based products. However this study attempts to fill the gaps in information and to propose an estimate of output. Overall, it aims to provide an up-to-date and general overview rather than a detailed rundown on all aspects of the global surimi sector. It provides a general description of the production and trade of both surimi and surimi-based products by the main producer countries, as well as the main companies within each producer country. It summarizes current and future developments in the industry. The potential global growth for surimi and surimi products in huge!

The United States of America and Japan are major producers of surimi and surimi-based products. Thailand has become an important producer. China’s role as producer is increasing. Many newcomers to the surimi industry have emerged, including Viet Nam, Chile, the Faeroe Islands, France and Malaysia. Given the demand to come, without a doubt, big globalized American and Asian companies will continue to invest in surimi production development. As for every producer and consumer country, the big question is “What will be the future world availability of surimi raw material and its price?”

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