CapitalDenmarkCapital: Copenhagen

PopPopulation: 5.7 million
(2016, Eurostat)

EuroGDP: €202 billion
(2015, Eurostat)

GDP/capita: €48,400
(2016, Eurostat)


Overview of the Danish coverage in the Eurofish Magazine


Eurofish Magazine 4 2020

Page 20 Being a coastal fisher in Denmark has become more attractive - Regulatory conditions have improved the last years
Page 29 Scientists in Denmark come closer to breeding European eel in captivity - Steady progress towards understanding the eel


Eurofish Magazine 5 2019

Page 49 Denmark halts marine aquaculture development
Page 49 Denmark: Cleaning up Europe’s waterways
Page 50 Denmark: WWF’s Sustainable Seafood Guide can help consumers make better choices
Page 50 World Food Summit 2019, 29-30 August, Copenhagen - Vision: A healthy and sustainable global food system for
people and planet
Page 55 Blockchain-based aquaculture - Danish trio plan digital revolution for aquaculture sector


Eurofish Magazine 1 2018

Page 47 Marine Lipids Newtwork explores new opportunities for unilisation of by-products - Quality of by-products is critical

Eurofish Magazine 2 2017

Page 34 The Danish Agrifish Agency - Reconciling sometimes conflicting interests
Page 37 New package of measures to revive the Danish coastal fishery - Small fishing villages should benefit too
Page 40 Nordisk Tang is creating a range of products using marine macroalgae - Making seaweed trendy
Page 42 Fisheries Local Action Group Djursland - Fighting for a sustainable coastal fishery
Page 43 Kattegat Seaweed explores the potential of farming algae and harvesting wild stocks - Leading from the front
Page 45 Plastix’ products contribute to improving the environment - Recycling discarded fishing gear


Eurofish Magazine 1 2015

Page 33 The growth plan for Danish fisheries and aquaculture - Industry, authorities, and research together can foster growth
Page 38 Thorupstrand Kystfiskerlaug explores all avenues to succeed - Fishermen’s guild is critical to the local community
Page 41 AquaPri overcomes the odds to produce pike-perch - A product for discerning clients
Page 44 Dybvad Stål Industri has a new product - Plate freezers now for continuous freezing
Page 46 Konsumfisk brings together stakeholders in three harbours - Closer cooperation will help the whole community


Eurofish Magazine 5 2013

Page 40 Danish fisheries and the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy - Greatest impact in the areas of discards, market policy
Page 42 Discard ban will only work if accepted by fishers - Responsibility back to the fishermen
Page 45 Broad-based consensus behind development of fish farming - Removing the fetters from Danish aquaculture
Page 49 Marel offers a complete range of fish processing solutions - Combining strong customer focus with cutting edge technology
Page 51 Ravnstrup Mølle supplies markets in several European countries - Dominating the Danish production of fresh trout on ice
Page 53 Kroma makes gutting and filleting machines - Move to bigger factory reduces turnaround time
Page 55 Hjarnø Havbrug is experimenting with mussels and seaweed - Research and development to reduce environmental impact

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