Capital  LatviaCapitalRiga

 PopPopulation: 1.93 million (2018, Eurostat)

EuroGDP: €27.3 billion
(2017, Eurostat)

GDP/capita: €13 900 (2017, Eurostat)

Overview of the Latvian coverage in the Eurofish Magazine

Eurofish Magazine 5 2018

Page 30 Fishing and fish farming in Latvia move in different directions
Page 36 Tome hatchery is a part of the national scientific institute - Breeding fish for restocking purposes
Page 39 Gamma-A adapts to the demands of new clients -Greater complexity characterises markets today
Page 42 Hanters trades in block frozen pelagics and salted sprats - Value-addition is the way to better earnings
Page 44 Karavela can once again export to Russia - Former market has changed in many ways
Page 46 Vlakon is exploiting synergies from a broad portfolio of activities - Farming fish for processing and angling
Page 48 Developing new analytical tools is one of the key functions of the Laboratory of Food and Environmental Investigations - Ensuring the safety of food sold in Latvia


Eurofish Magazine 6 2017

Page 53 Latvian fishers focus on sustainability and value-addition - Concerted efforts to find new markets


Eurofish Magazine 3 2016

Page 34 The Latvian fisheries and aquaculture sector - Industry responds strongly to the challenges it faces
Page 39 Anna Fish Company plans a big increase in capacity - Large rainbow trout for retail markets
Page 41 SIA Baltijas zivis – 97 uses imported and local raw materials - A vast range of fish products for the local market
Page 43 Mere Shrimp Farms breeds vannamei in a recirculation plant - Successful trial leads to ambitious expansion plan
Page 45 Any further decline in quotas will hurt Varita - EU support programmes have been very useful


Eurofish Magazine 3 2014

Page 27 Fisheries and aquaculture in Latvia - Crisis in east casts shadow on export sector
Page 32 Karavela’s new line of products is aimed at western tastes - Successfully catering to markets in both west and east
Page 35 RR Fish moves from experimental to commercial production - Rapidly maturing sturgeon for meat and caviar
Page 38 Grifs hopes for better catches of cod - Coming to terms with the provisions of the CFP
Page 40 Salas Zivis distributes fish, seafood, and other products across the Baltics - Customer service is the first priority
Page 42 Stema Real has over a decade of experience - Contract processing of non-sterilised products


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