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Denmark: Armenian delegation studies recirculation systems

armenia-delegartionA delegation from Armenia visited Denmark in the last week of June 2014. The meeting was organised by the Danish AgriFish Agency of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark under the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange (TAIEX) programme managed by the European Commission. The delegation comprised Mr Tigran Aleksanyan, Head of the Fishery and Beekeeping Division, and Mr. Samvel Sahakyan, Head of the Land Use Department, in the Armenian Ministry of Agriculture. The two ministry officials were accompanied by Arthur Atoyan, President of the Union of Fish Farmers of Armenia who represents the interests of Armenian aquaculturists. 

On June 27, the delegation visited Eurofish International Organisation to discuss opportunities for future collaboration, including through the Central Asia Regional Programme for Fisheries and Aquaculture Development and the Central Asian and Caucasus Fisheries and Aquaculture Commission (CacFish). The current co-operation with Eurofish has enabled Armenian experts to participate in international and regional seminars organised by Eurofish and FAO, which provided an opportunity to develop networks at the regional level and to increase awareness of international expertise and best practices. The Armenian aquaculture sector was also featured in the EUROFISH Magazine creating awareness about the sector and promoting it worldwide.  

Turkish National Workshop

Turkey-Izmir-WorkshopThe Turkish National Workshop “Tendencies in aquaculture value chain” was held at the Trade Fairs Center of Izmir in Turkey on June 6, 2014. The workshop was organized by Eurofish International Organisation in cooperation with the Turkeish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock during the 7th International Fair Future Fish Eurasia. The workshop was attended by more than 50 participants consisting of stakeholders belonging to the production and sales sector of Turkey, the aquaculture industry, representatives of the government along with veterinary inspectors and researchers.

The programme of the one-day workshop was divided into three sessions: “Farm management and technology development”, “State aid and import requirements” and “Trade and markets”. The topics of the presentations included “Best aquaculture management practices”, “Technological developments in fish farming in open seas”, “Health management in marine finfish production”, ”EU import requirements”, “State aid in aquaculture sector”, “Certification schemes in aquaculture” and “Markets for farmed fish products”.

The aquaculture sector has been identified as a rising star in the Turkish economy with considerable potential to provide a healthy boost to the country’s Gross Domestic Product, and at present Turkey is actually playing the leading role in the Mediterranean production. Therefore, the Turkish aquaculture sector is hoping to achieve growth through sustainability and high quality in production. The workshop aimed at transferring technical information and legal updates to help producers to facilitate procedure of exporting fish products to the EU market, and to create exchange of information between producers, sellers and regional and national authorities.

To access the presentations from the Workshop visit

Ljubomir Kucic, Assistant Minister, Directorate of Fisheries, Croatian Ministry of Agriculture, RIP

KucicOn behalf of Eurofish International Organisation I would like to express our deepest condolences at the untimely death of Miro Kucic. Mr Kucic served the Croatian fisheries sector in one capacity or another for decades and was well known to Eurofish. His experience and knowledge of the sector that he represented as an academic, an entrepreneur, as well as an administrator, made it imperative to meet with him in connection with any aspect of Croatia’s collaboration with Eurofish.  He could be relied on to give his frank opinion about all that was wrong (and right) with Croatian, and later, European, fisheries, delivering it often barbed with remarks so scathing they were, sadly, unprintable. Yet his erudition and humanity were always apparent during these meetings. Our thoughts go out to his family, friends, and colleagues during this difficult time.

Aina Afanasjeva
Eurofish International Organisation

Romania: Minister Delegate, EUROFISH discuss areas of collaboration

Romania-meetingAdriana Doina Pana, the Romanian Minister Delegate for Waters, Forests and Fisheries, had a meeting with Aina Afanasjeva, EUROFISH Director, in April at the Department for Waters, Forests and Fisheries (DWFF) in Bucharest. Ms Pana briefly presented the priorities for the fishing sector and the course of action for the sector’s development, both in terms of primary production, that is, aquaculture, fisheries in the Black Sea, and fishing in inland waters, and in terms of adding value through processing, taking into account the need to diversify the assortment of fishery products.

The Minister Delegate also stated that the National Strategy for the Fishery Sector would be finalised shortly. The strategy will underpin implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy for the period 2014-2020, according to the new EU regulations. In this context, she pointed out the need to strengthen and develop the collaboration between the DWFF and EUROFISH for promoting the national fishing sector, given that Romania is one of the founding members of the organisation.

EUROFISH and General Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture in Ankara discuss upcoming activities in Turkey

EF-TurkeyDirector of EUROFISH, Aina Afanasjeva, went on 7 March to Ankara, Turkey to meet with Dr Durali Kocak, General Director for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Turkey. The objective of the meeting was to discuss topics of interest to the Turkish aquaculture sector for the planned national workshop to be organised by EUROFISH and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Turkey in conjunction with the international trade fair Future Fish Eurasia in June 2014.

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