GC group2020

On 4 February 2021 the twentieth session of the EUROFISH Governing Council was held online due to the travel restrictions imposed by countries to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The session was attended by 36 delegates from 19 countries and was compressed into about six hours. Although it was a shorter session than usual all the important business of the council was concluded, including a review of activities in 2020, the passing of the budget, and the approval of the programme of work for 2021.

Like employees in other organisations EUROFISH staff have been working from home for close to a year now without travelling at all. The pandemic and the restrictions it brought about resulted in the cancellation or postponement of several events in 2020 including those planned by EUROFISH. In 2021 the hope is that with the onset of warmer weather and as more and more people get vaccinated things will gradually start to open up and business will pick up again.

A presentation on the Impact of Covid19 on fisheries in selected countries in EuropeImpact of Covid19 on fisheries in selected countries in Europe was given by EUROFISH.

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