Guide to Recirculation Aquaculture - English (as PDF file)

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Author: Jacob Bregnballe
Published by:
 Eurofish, Copenhagen, Denmark 
Published in: 2015
No. of pages: 96

This guide is aimed at farmers who are considering the switch from traditional farming methods to recirculation systems pointing out the advantages and the hazards to be avoided. Recirculation systems offer several advantages including cost effectiveness, reduced environmental impact, as well as lower exposure to pathogens. In addition, through the system the farmer can control virtually every aspect of the plant thereby lessening potential risks and providing the fish with the optimum conditions leading to less stress and better growth. Recirculation technology can be deployed both on large farms producing several tonnes of fish per year for consumption or on smaller facilities used to grow fish for restocking purposes. However, recirculation technology is a sophisticated and demanding way of raising fish and calls for new knowledge and greater skills on the part of the farmer. This guide will equip the farmer with some of those requirements.

Please note that this product is a PDF file.

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